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Sweat Bully Pads™

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Introducing our Sweaty Pads. Designed to stop you from perspiring when you need it most. Stay visibly calm and collective despite being nervous and stressed. Our sweaty pads absorb sweat and wetness which prevent embarrassing situations and discomfort. Especially when hanging around friends or dealing with clients, coworkers, or a boss.
Benefits Of The Sweat Bully Pads  ✓ 2 Layers - Of cotton allow full absorption of sweat without showing it on your clothes. ✓ Will - Keep your clothes dry for hours. ✓ Prevent - You from feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed around anyone! ✓ Comes With - Adjustable straps to suit your preferred liking. ✓ Comes In - One pair (2pcs), so you have a pad for both arms not just one! ✓ Unisex - Conveniently works for both girls and guys.



UPDATE: Due to huge demand, we are officially running low in stock. Make sure you get yours before we run out of stock.


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We fully back this product with our satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason. We will gladly give you your money back. Here At Jasmoora, the customer is always first.



United States: 2-3 Weeks

United Kingdom: 3-5 Weeks

Canada: 2-3 Weeks

Australia: 2-3 Weeks

New Zealand: 2-3 Weeks

Other Countries: 2-5 Weeks


  1. Place pads under your preferred underarm just like in our displayed photos.
  2. Wrap the pad strap over your shoulder and tighten until comfortable.
  3. Proceed to put on your clothes over your pads.
  4. Remove pads when no longer needed and hand-wash.

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Here at Jasmoora we strive to give our customers the best experience possible. Although our customers love our products 100% of the time, if you for some reason are unsatisfied with your product you may return it for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of placing your order.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kaisy Z.

DEFINITELY saved me from looking like a went swimming before my job interview 😂. Oh and from having a moist shirt, ew.

Tyler B.

Has that really nice comforting flexible feel to it. Absorbs sweat really well thats for sure. Will be recommending this to a few friends and family.

Tracy Z.

I need had a big meeting the other day and oh my this product saved me all the embarrassment. I was sweating uncontrollably but these pads made it seem like I wasn't sweating bullets at all.

Janet B.

They come in a pair which is so very convenient because I sweat A LOT. Anyways, I personally recommend this anyone in need. Did wonders for me :-)

Veronica F.

Couldn't believe how much sweat these pads catch, it's almost unbelievable. (Didn't want to show all my sweat because it was a little disgusting but overall love these little pads!)