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MyJadeRoller™ Set

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Introducing our Natural Jade Face Roller Set. Our facial muscles store a lot of tension. This tension can cause wrinkles and fine lines, especially around our forehead and eyes. 



  • Promotes - Lymphatic Drainage, which helps remove toxic waste from your body.
  • Rejuvenates - Your skin without any need for chemicals or irritants.
  • Helps - Reduce the appearance of Fine Lines.
  • Allows - Skincare Products to penetrate more deeply and work easier.
  • Authentic - jade provides a smooth easy experience and durability.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Grace L.

I’m excited to try this jade roller for my puffy eyes. The quality of the product is great. It came packaged in a nice box. I also have sinus headaches and migraines so I will try the roller during those times as well to help the symptoms. I believe I will be happy with this purchase.

Hannah D.

This is a nice addition to my facial routine. The stone is naturally cool, so the cooling helps reduce swelling as you massage your face and release built up retained water from your face. I find that my face looks less puffy in the morning when I use this tool. The tool itself it pretty and it comes in a nice box for gifting. I have a few friends that I want to gift a jade roller this year

Lillie S.

Very nice roller! Its beautiful & I absolutely love it so far. Ive been using it day and night with my essential oil "glow serum" I made for my face. Loving what it's doing to my skin so far. So happy I purchased finally...been wanting to try one for quite some time! Highly recommend.

Dorothy G.

I was hesitant that this would actually work. I mean just a stone could take away my frown lines and wrinkles? OMG , after 1 use ( 15 minutes ) , I woke up the next day and couldn't believe my eyes ! This thing is freaking awesome! I use it every night now with my vitamin c serum. Look I'm almost 60, and thought I had to end up purchasing something really expensive to help with the crows feet and wrinkles, but this is doing the trick ! And it feels awesome on my face! Highly recommended this product!

Estrella Z.

Since I started using this on my face I feel like it's working somehow. It feels like improving blood circulation than massaging with my hands. I feel like warmth. If you increase blood flow on surface you can get better results on everything. That's what my esthetician told me. Looking forward to improve my wrinkly face.